Advanced English Dictionary for Windows 8

Look up words you do not know the meaning of and learn their proper usage

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Advanced English Dictionary for Windows 8
Advanced English Dictionary for Windows 8 2014

Advanced English Dictionary is a great tool for those who want to have a greater vocabulary continuously at their fingertips no matter where they are. It is a completely free dictionary with around 400,000 words! Some of the entries offer photos and all of the entries offer pronunciations in both American and British English. Each of the word entries also includes related words that can help you to find the best possible word for whatever project you are working on. Advanced English Dictionary is great for those who have a good grasp of the English language and who want to further develop their vocabularies and comprehension skills. It also offers a fun Word of the Day portion of their program that helps you expand your vocabulary little by little every single day.

The search bar is incredibly easy to use for those who know how to spell the word that they are trying to find. It does not have a spell check option, which can be tricky for finding words that you aren't quite sure about their correct spelling. Although it is not always the easiest to find the word you are looking for, Advanced English Dictionary allows for both online and offline searching which can be very helpful for people on the go.

The interface for the American English Dictionary is familiar and feels very much like a traditionally written dictionary. It offers both the synonyms and antonyms of the word you have searched with clickable links in the sidebar to find them. This can be great for helping to develop a better understanding of the words we use every day and how they are related to one another.

While the Advanced English Dictionary may not be as flexible as completely online dictionaries, it does offer a complete user experience and is perfect for those who have limited internet connectivity.


  • Beautiful interface
  • Comparable to a traditional written dictionary
  • Great for offline users
  • A fun and interesting way to learn more vocabulary


  • Not as robust as an online version
  • Does not allow for many options with screen sizing
  • All pages are not equally as filled out with photos

The Advanced English Dictionary for Windows 8 is your portal for looking up every word you could possibly need to understand. However, the dictionary is just the beginning of your education in words and vocabulary.

#1: The Pros Of The Dictionary

  • The dictionary is accessible and searchable when you are connected to the Internet. You can search for the words you do not understand, and you can browse the program for words that you wish to use.
  • The dictionary is updated regularly to reflect the changing state of the English language. You want to have only the most current information, and this dictionary allows you to find even the latest words that have been added to the dictionary.
  • The dictionary can run in the background on your computer to give you instant access to the program whenever you need it.

#2: The Cons Of The Dictionary

  • The dictionary is not a physical book that you can flip through for words. Most people grow up using a paper dictionary that they can pick up whenever they need to look up a word. You may find it difficult to use the dictionary if you are not used to using an electronic dictionary.
  • The dictionary requires an Internet connection to make sure you can search and browse the words. You will need to keep your Internet connection if you want to look up new words. The program may run in the program, but you may not be able to look up a new word.
  • The dictionary cannot give you all the information you need about usage of a word. You need to make sure you do more research on a word before you write it in a paper or other publication.

The dictionary is an excellent resource for your writing, and you can keep it on your computer for easy reference whenever you need to look up a word. Remember that it is not the same as a paper dictionary, but you have more portability with the dictionary on your computer.

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